Sunday, October 01, 2006

My Curb was sort of a ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ tribute, only instead of an albatross Larry was saddled with a bottle of his own urine he couldn’t seem to get rid of. In the episode, ‘Seinfeld’ is approaching a new syndication cycle and since the numbers are down, it's decided by Castlerock executives that they will have a ‘Seinfeld convention.’ Since Jerry is in Stuttgart at Porsche camp, and the cast members are pissed about their DVD deals, it’s on Larry to host the thing.

He and Cheryl wound up getting drunk with Julia Louis Dreyfuss and Brad Hall and swapping partners. Larry comes in his pants as soon as he touches Julia’s tit, and they spend the rest of the evening listening as Brad fuck Larry’s wife from hell to breakfast upstairs. For the rest of the episode, Larry is after Julia for a ‘make-good’ fuck, since he feels shortchanged. He is eventually confronted in the locker room of the country club by Brad Hall, who he sees is hung like a bull elephant.

At the convention, Larry manages to offend every Seinfeld fan in attendance, basically calling them losers that make him sorry for doing the show in the first place. To add to his misery, Cheryl goes up to Julia and Brad’s suite while he is stuck on the floor of the convention, and Brad’s clearly nut-slapping them both. I forget how the bottle of piss thing played out, but it was woven really well.


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